Kristy Daniels

Kristy Daniels is our General Manager and Designated Paralegal and Commissioner of Oaths.  With almost 2 decades of legal and business experience she has developed a strong understanding of many different areas of law, as well as the firms legal accounting and general office practices.

As a paralegal, Kristy has worked in Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Private Lending, Commercial Lending, Native Land Transactions, Wills and Estates and Annual Corporate Maintenance. 

Working closely with the Magellan founding partner, Kristy has been with the team since day one and is very proud of the values and community relationships that have always been, and continue to be a focal point of Magellan Real Estate Lawyers.

Kristy has a love for music, dancing and theatre.  In her spare time you can often find Kristy on mountain adventures with her husband, and their two boys and two dogs.